INTRODUCING: The Essential Guide Book on How to Approach the Griever with Confidence
How to Confidently 
Approach a 
Grieving Person
Chapter Two Includes breakdowns of three Types of Grievers and how best to approach and support each one:
  • Griever Type One: The Close Friend
  • Griever Type Two: Fair to Fairly Good Acquaintance
  • Griever Type Three: The Complete Stranger
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Colin Bird is a former Nursing Home Chaplain with Christian Homes Inc., 
covering both the greater Illinois and Missouri area. 
Bird was also honored to serve as a State wide IL, pulpit supply preacher, along with time spent as a guest lecturer and speaker at Universities, churches, corporate in-home nursing seminars, teen and youth conferences and other such regional events. 
His focus topics have covered a wide array of issues from coping with grief and assisting others coping with grief; motivational speeches in family-focused group settings; overcoming obstacles with discipline and courage; directing short films, and the process of writing.
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